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The Old School Screenprinter

Awhile back, Bomber moved from Birmgham, England (which he calls the 'Detroit of England') to New York City to pursue a boxing career, and did some screenprinting on the side to support his dream. A trip to Japan helped develop his great attention to detail, honing his screenprinting skills even further by observing the local crafters. "That's where I really learned my skills," Bomber recalled.

These days, he's replaced his gloves with wooden screens. Bomber and his team do it the old school way - a table set up with wooden frames, where a printer walks by, physically attaching each screen and printing it all 100% by hand for the most precise printing job possible. Bomber's eco-friendly, water-based inks soak into the shirts, creating an incredibly soft feel. Brooklyn Industries began working with Bomber in 2014 to handle more sophisticated graphic t-shirt prints at his printing house. 




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