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Mr. Tang runs a down outerwear factory just outside of Shanghai. He is an old friend of our friend, River, who custom weaves our men's woven shirts in downtown Shanghai. For our visit, River had brought him a new CD of classical guitar music (Mr. Tang is a musician). I was impressed and thankful that Mr. Tang had agreed to take our orders. His efficient, clean and well run factory hummed with multiple lines of sewers working on the down "pockets" that houses the down. Other customer orders are much much larger than ours; many of them shipping to Japan. We are lucky to get such good quality and still have innovative designs. 

We trust this particular Shanghai factory with our most complicated and popular pieces - our down coats. They are the only factory we work with that have both knit and woven capabilities, so when you see something that features both in one garment, it is from this exceptional outerwear factory. They are also able to custom weave our plaids and flannels. Additionally, they produce a recycled polyester / organic cotton blend that we use in our eco-friendly collections. Lexy Funk, CEO

Exceptional Outerwear Factory

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