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We were lucky the recession brought us to Peru. When larger US companies pulled their production overnight from Peru to low cost countries such as Bangladesh, our factory had to re-think things. They started to welcome orders of smaller quantities like ours. The Peruvian cotton, particularly Pima, has very long strands making it both strong and unbelievably soft. This helps us to produce a softer and more durable t-shirt for our customers. Peruvian factories also employ advance printing techniques that can handle almost any crazy tee print we throw at them, whether it be all-over prints, discharges, foil, heat press, high density, or anything else we want to create. Our factory in Lima is completely vertical. The cotton is spun, knit, dyed, sewn and printed withing the same block. This means the carbon footprint of our Peru t-shirts is relatively less than our US made t-shirts that are shipped to different facilities for each process.

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