Brooklyn Industries stores are designed around themes of sustainable and industrial architecture. Elements of upcycling, the act of creating useful products from waste materials, and recycling can be found from the floor to the store fixtures to the lighting. Brooklyn Industries’ use of the 4Rs [RECYCLE, REUSE, REPAIR and REDUCE] are reflected in repurposed antique furniture and seasonal window displays. Each store has its own unique atmosphere and aesthetic and offers an original, contemporary retail environment.

In June 2009, Brooklyn Industries moved one door down at 290 Lafayette Street to an open space with large store front windows and original hardwood floors. 

The Williamsburg location was Brooklyn Industries’ first Brick and Mortar store. The store opened on Bedford Avenue in 2001 and the design team has kept all of its original characteristics, such as the wooden floors, and exposed ceiling vents. The mural on the outside of the store, for which the current design was painted by artist Braulio Amado, changes several times a year.

Seventh Avenue
Brooklyn Industries Seventh Avenue location is part of a unique building structure with original stone molding. The store is located on the corner of 7th Avenue and 9th Street and has outside window awnings and a Brooklyn Industries skyline flag. The interior has exposed brick piers, original wallpaper graphics, wood flooring and carpeting and custom-made cabinets.

Park Slope
Brooklyn Industries in Park Slope is a bright and open location with multiple store front windows. Walls are decorated with original graphic wallpaper designs and merchandise is displayed on custom-made cabinets. The undulating ceiling and exposed ceiling vents give the location and industrial vibe while the hardwood floors, vintage carpeting and exposed brick create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Smith Street
The Smith Street store is located on the Corner of Atlantic Ave. The exterior has large glass windows and two Brooklyn Industries skyline banners. The interior has its original hardwood floors and exposed ceiling vents for their industrial qualities.

Brooklyn Industries Southburg Outlet has a minimal interior with wood accents and an open ceiling. In 2007, the space was also briefly a contemporary art gallery. The inaugural exhibition “Out of the Loop” featured art from co-founder Lexy Funk. 

The Bucktown location, which was Brooklyn Industries first store outside of NYC, has a recycled wood counter and original wallpaper graphics. Clothing is displayed in custom-made cabinets and a watertower chandelier hangs at the entrance.

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