Normally, our emails and phone calls come in from local area codes, but when we received a message from a group of designers called Mingo Lamberti, all the way from Cape Town, South Africa, we were curious enough to look them up. We immediately fell in love with their graphic design and typography, and thought it would be great to get a foreign design perspective on Brooklyn. This grew into a collaborative graphic t-shirt series, - two of which are now currently out: BK Sugar and NY Slice. We reached out across the pond for some of Mingo Lamberti's thoughts on working with Brooklyn Industries…

How did you come across Brooklyn Industries from halfway around the world, and what drew you to want to collaborate with us?
After university and a season on the slopes in Colorado, I found myself in Williamsburg and in the Brooklyn Industries store. Without any hesitation, the next thing I knew, I had three t-shirts under my arm - paid for the them of course, and headed for Brooklyn Brewery. Those shirts soon became favorites in my wardrobe. The quality of the design and the garment stood out and I still wear them to this day.


Above: Cape Town and an upcoming Mingo Lamberti collaborative t-shirt design

Here in Cape Town, we can relate to the local shops making some honest goods. The tone of Brooklyn Industries always made it a brand we could follow from afar, and when the time was right to make contact, we were pleasantly surprised to hear that Brooklyn Industries was keen to work with us.

What similarities do you see in Cape Town and the Brooklyn creative culture and/or aesthetic?
Cape Town and Brooklyn have the freedom for people to create. The environment allows this naturally to happen… and the people embrace it. Both Brooklyn and Cape town have a raw and real side to it that exposes creatives to inspiration daily. Creative styles and aesthetics always vary but in both of these areas people are searching for something original and trying to create it on a daily basis.

You guys seem to operate unconventionally at Mingo Lamberti from a design perspective. How does the design process work with your loose group of designers?
Yeah, we run things a little differently here. We have worked with over 60 designers since we have started the brand. From the beginning I knew that my personal style would get a little boring after awhile and it was never going to be sustainable in the long run, so we teamed up with some friends and they all contributed to the first range of designs. Thankfully that was a success and the process began of curating different designers for each range. The idea is to keep the designs, ideas and style ever-changing and to not fall into a trap of having the same style reproduced over and over. We crave originality and this was one way to make sure we got it. We limit the run of each design so you feel a little more special knowing that you have your piece of limited edition goodness.

What was the inspiration for the tees you made for Brooklyn Industries?
Having only spent a limited time in New York, we wanted to pick up the aspects that made an impression on us. You never go to a new place and not sample the local cuisine. Don’t get me wrong, we have pizza and subs in Cape Town, but they’re a done properly and with their own style in New York.


Shop BK Sugar and NY Slice

Ok, we want to visit. What’s good in Cape Town?
We’re glad you asked! Cape Town is really a group of villages and this allows for many different offerings and subcultures. Its sun, sea and city in the summer and it shuts down during the rainy winter. The city has great offerings of local food, beer and wine. Try Clarke’s, The Power and the Glory, Frankie Fenner and Lefty’s for some local, no fuss food and beer. With the mountains at our doorstep, it’s an obvious place to get back in touch with mother nature and a hike up Lions Head or Table Mountain while you are here as well as concerts in the Botanical Gardens of Kirstenbosch. Head up the west coast for the coastal fishing town and some waves at Elands Bay or down to Muizenburg for some relaxed longboarding. I could carry on for awhile, but you’re just going to have to get in touch when you come and visit!




In a busy warehouse in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, during this holiday season, Alexandra Ferguson’s pillow business is humming with a team of sewers - and Alexandra herself is busy pushing out orders in time for shipment. The high energy and creative buzz masks the fact that just a mere six years ago Alexandra was sitting at home sewing individual pillows for her family and friends for the holidays. That one round of pillows brought a wave of tremendous feedback, and a piece of advice from a friend to put the pillows on a website called ‘Etsy’. A few weeks later on lunch break, Alexandra decided to upload photos of her pillows taken on her phone to the website, and a few weeks after that, the orders started coming in for her first design - pillows that read ‘YES WE CAN’, a nod to Obama’s inauguration occurring at the time, and a message that also served as personal inspiration to grow her own business. When Etsy made her their ‘Featured Seller’ on their homepage just three months later, Alexandra’s moment had arrived.

Read more about the collaboration >  Shop the BKI pillows >




We love our classic warm wool puffer, and designed it this year for the more fashion forward guy to look good in, while also being versatile enough to brave the unpredictability of the gale force winds in midtown as well as the perma-freeze of upstate. As always it has a detachable hood, cozy thick rib at the neck and ribbed hem, and fleece-lined pockets - so no need for gloves! This year we were also inspired by athletic wear, so we wanted to update it with a varsity feel, by designing in a diagonal contrast yoke, and double striped ribbing. And finally, by request from our guys, we’ve added ribbed cuffs with thumbholes! Available in black or cypress. Shop Men's Outerwear

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