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Brooklyn Industries’ women's designer, Janeane Marie gives us an inside tour of her Brooklyn apartment 

We paid a visit to Janeane’s apartment in Bushwick on a rare, rainy Saturday to poke around and see what in her own home inspires her to be creative. Originally from Portland, Oregon, Janeane has a home studio that she shares with her boyfriend and two cats, who enjoy circling the studio’s dress forms, record players, guitars and sketches. Within the studio and throughout her apartment, Janeane’s walls are filled with diverse pieces of art. “It’s not high art or anything. They are all from friends of ours!”

Other unique, creative gems that can be found in the heavily windowed space include Janeane’s budding collection of new and vintage ceramics. “I’m obsessed... I could spend all of my money on ceramics,” Janeane happily admits. Musical instruments, potted plants, sentimental tchotchkes, and a few hundred records (one of which played in the background during our visit) finishes off her living room. “Have you heard this one? It’s a band called Lillith Velkor. They sound like Nirvana, but without ripping them off. They’re in Brooklyn.”



After narrating her apartment, Janeane shared with us why working in her pad works for her. “When I’m designing clothing, I really try not to get stuck inside a category or genre - to be only minimalist, to be only eclectic or retro. I try to stay away from having a consistent ‘look’: in my personal style, my design aesthetic, or in the objects I surround myself with. The things I collect always have a unique beauty about them. That’s why my home is my creative nest, and it’s where I prefer to sketch. I can listen to music while I’m working, which is a huge part of my creative process because I’m connected to music. Visually, there’s a lot of interesting, distinctive art in my house. Every detail in my house has a story. My boyfriend Adam is also a really great musician, painter and illustrator, so that inspires me to expand my creativity beyond just fashion sketching.”




When we discovered Kenya- and UK-based jewelry maker Made, and heard about its design process and practices, we found a little slice of Brooklyn in Nairobi. We love Made’s handcrafted designs, its emphasis on using sustainable materials like brass and glass, and its employing and training of local, skilled craftsmen in Nairobi to empower the local community. Designed in both Kenya and the UK, the Kenyan workshop employs over 60 local artisans who are paid a fair wage; the artisans use techniques handed down through generations. Stylistically, Made’s modern, bold, and eclectic designs resonated with our design team. Brooklyn Industries is proud to carry a brand that makes a positive impact in the local community through the products they produce and the business practices they employ. SHOP MADE JEWELRY>  LEARN MORE ABOUT THE COMPANY AND ITS SUSTAINABLE PRACTICES>




This weekend, Marcello, the Assistant Manager of our 7th Avenue Park Slope store is taking over Brooklyn Industries' Instagram, showing you his favorite neighborhood - where he grew up, works and lives. FOLLOW ALONG ON OUR INSTAGRAM> 


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