Normally, our emails and phone calls come in from local area codes, but when we received a message from a group of designers called Mingo Lamberti, all the way from Cape Town, South Africa, we were curious enough to look them up. We immediately fell in love with their graphic design and typography, and thought it would be great to get a foreign design perspective on Brooklyn. This grew into a collaborative graphic t-shirt series, - two of which are now currently out: BK Sugar and NY Slice. We reached out across the pond for some of Mingo Lamberti's thoughts on working with Brooklyn Industries…

How did you come across Brooklyn Industries from halfway around the world, and what drew you to want to collaborate with us?
After university and a season on the slopes in Colorado, I found myself in Williamsburg and in the Brooklyn Industries store. Without any hesitation, the next thing I knew, I had three t-shirts under my arm - paid for the them of course, and headed for Brooklyn Brewery. Those shirts soon became favorites in my wardrobe. The quality of the design and the garment stood out and I still wear them to this day.