Brooklyn Industries powers its store locations with 100% National Wind Power. In an ongoing effort to support Recycle, Reuse, Repair and Reduce Brooklyn Industries has chosen certified GREEN power to decrease a percentage of carbon dioxide emissions that lead to global warming, which begins with events such as droughts, flooding, severe weather and disturbances in the ecosystem.

What is National Wind Power?

  • National Wind Power is a form of clean, renewable energy generated from wind turbines that capture and convert wind to electricity.
  • National Wind power is produced from wind farms throughout the nation, often in areas where land and development costs are more affordable for wind power production.
  • National Wind options are reliable, use no fuel, emit no greenhouse gases, and do not contribute to acid rain.
  • Wind Power is an emission-free alternative to standard power
  • Wind Power is 100% clean, environmentally friendly electricity
  • Wind Power is certified by “Green-e,” the nation’s leading independent certification program for renewable energy

How Wind Power Works

Step 1: Wind activates turbines and causes a windmill to rotate, generating electricity
Step 2: The electricity is transferred to a power grid
Step 3: The power grid provides electricity to homes, buildings and businesses such as Brooklyn Industries

Commitment to Wind Power

*2007 Data from the Energy Information Administration:
The chart above shows the approximate percentage of United States electric generation for each of the major energy sources. Wind Power is included in the “Other Renewables” category. The more homes, building and businesses use wind power the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere significantly decreases.


Brooklyn Industries and National Wind Power

In April 2009, ConEdison Solutions honored Brooklyn Industries and its CEO Lexy Funk as one of New York City’s “Green Power Pioneers” for its commitment to clean and renewable Green Power.

To date, approximately 3% of the United States is powered by wind energy from wind farms, with most wind-powered businesses being in the North East. Wind is currently the world's fastest-growing renewable energy source.

On Earth Day, April 22, 2009, Brooklyn Industries was featured in The New York Times, along with Chelsea Piers and several New York City businesses, as environmental leaders powering its locations with wind.

Brooklyn Industries customers can find wind power stickers in all store windows.

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