Brooklyn Industries’ roots are firmly planted in community by way of collaborations with artistic individuals, organizations and businesses. Brooklyn Industries continuously seeks to collaborate with creative forces partnering in t-shirt and bag design, art and music. Brooklyn Industries believes in the creative energy that develops through collaboration. The first store was opened by Lexy Funk and her partner in 2001 in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. As artists and designers, they were part of the community; they sold clothing, bags and accessories to people they knew and realized that a storefront is a meeting point for customers, and a central place where ideas can coalesce.

T-Shirt design collaborations begin with an idea or message. Once the t-shirt is designed and produced, proceeds from the sales of the t-shirt will go to a local organization that is fighting for the issue. The goal is to educate customers through the t-shirt, and hope by them wearing the product, they in turn continue the discussion out into the world. Brooklyn Industries believes that partnerships through product becomes productive and generative. For more information about these collaborations, visit our T-Shirt Collaborations page.

In addition to t-shirt collaborations, Brooklyn Industries has also collaborated in bag design. In early 2008, Brooklyn Industries and BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) introduced the limited edition Bullfrog Bag. Brooklyn Industries and BAM collaborated to transform Brooklyn Industries’ classic bullfrog bag design to show support for one of Brooklyn's most prestigious cultural institutions. Brooklyn Industries donated a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Bullfrog Bag, which was sold exclusively through Brooklyn Industries and BAM.

With both co-founders having started their careers in the art field, Brooklyn Industries has always been a brand in support of art. In addition to hosting educational tours at headquarters for youth- based and art-inspired programs such as Publicolor, the brand has opened its Portland, Oregon retail location to double as an art space (BIAS) to showcase the works of local and national independent artists. BIAS opened its first exhibit in March 2009 with Superstructure, artworks by Vahap Avsar. 

Music has long been a great influence on the Brooklyn Industries brand. Over the years, Brooklyn Industries has collaborated with a variety of great musicians from Aesop Rock and Pete Miser to Antibalas and Maya Azucane. In 2008, Brooklyn Industries released a mini-collectible two-part catalog series for the holidays, collaborating with Brooklyn-based band Young Lords. In 2009, Brooklyn Industries launched its Go LOCAL! campaign, which supported local businesses in New York City, Chicago and Portland. The campaign included the chance for Brooklyn Industries’ customers to win tickets to concerts such as TV on the Radio in Prospect Park, Lollapalooza and MusicFest NW. Brooklyn Industries featured English indie-rock band Athlete in its Resort 2010 campaign photography. Athlete was also styled in Brooklyn Industries clothing for their music video “The Getaway.” Brooklyn Industries' Summer of Music series in 2010 was also a platform to support and promote up and coming bands via performances in several stores.

Brooklyn Industries is able to reach the communities around each store through these collaborations and others. To learn more about Brooklyn Industries and community, visit our Community page.

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