Winter’s arrival turns familiar summertime landscapes into new dreamscapes –introspective and surreal. A soft, cool filter falls over the scenery, perfect for soft cashmere blend sweaters and bold, colorful stripes.

Peppermint Striped Sweater (Methyl Blue), Terra Buttondown (Black/White) (coming soon!), BKI Bucket Bag (Blue) (coming soon!)



It’s a time for those Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind moments… where things seem a little strange, birds fly a little higher, and the crisp, ocean air demands a heavy layer of outerwear to withstand nature’s disposition.

Nunaka Down Jacket (Black), Mavi Jeans Jake (Dark Shaded Yaletown)



It’s also a time for a break in your life, and trips back in time to the old family house, where you sleep in your old bed, go through your old letter jackets, poems, and trophies, and think about how far you’ve come.

Vandal Buttondown (Black Multi) (coming soon!), Studio Pinafore (coming soon!), Pebble Envelope (Black/Grey)


BK Flat Zip Hoodie (Port Royal), Mavi Jeans James (Dark Sporty) (coming soon!)



And of course, the holiday season signifies the end of one year, and a new start for the next, signified in dress with glimmer, shimmer, and sparkle. You’ll also find lots of fuzzy in this season’s line… lots of fuzzy.

Haze Shoulder Cut-Out Dress (Red), Everyday Tight (Black), Pebble Convertible Crossbody (Navy/Burgundy)



We rendezvous with old friends on suburban streets, meet at our favorite high-school years’ diner, or on the side of an industrial highway. These unusual blends can be seen in pattern mixing in layerables, plaid on plaids, stripes, and color blocking.

On Him: Nordic Cardigan, Blueprint Lambswool Sweater (Bracken), Lawrence Floral Flannel L/S (coming soon!), Wool Fade Pant (Olive)

On Her: Caribou Fair Isle Sweater (Moonbean)


Snuggle up with seasonal sweaters, warm wool blend dresses, and warm, functional outwear. And narwhal - yes, narwhals. Bye buddy...

Narwhal Striped Sweater (Black Iris), Waffle Knit Slouchy Beanie (Dark Denim)


Atlantis Jacket (Green), Mavi Jeans James (Dark Sporty) (coming soon!)

Mavi Jeans Kaira Jacket (Dark Indigo) (coming soon!),  Peppermint Stripe Sweater (Methyl Blue), Terra Buttondown (Black/White) (coming soon!), Mavi Jeans Serena (Black Leather Patch), BKI Bucket Bag (Blue)

 Blueprint Lambswool Sweater (Bracken), Atmosphere Floral Flannel L/S , Wool Fade Pant (Olive), Monarch Leather Chukka Boot (Black)


Newton Water-Resistant Parka , Zip Canvas Backpack (Grey)

Tempest Quilted Down Coat (Tan), Narwhal Striped Sweater (Black Iris), Mavi Jeans Alissa (Dark Blue Scuba), Fingerless Gloves (Rifle Green).


Waffle Knit Slouchy Beanie (Dark Denim), Lawrence Belmont Flannel L/S (Red) (coming soon!), Lawrence Sea Flannel L/S (Navy) (coming soon!), Marauder Water-Resistant Backpack (Army), Mavi Jeans James (Dark Sporty)

Vandal Buttondown L/S (Black) (coming soon!), Nightwood TunicBrushed Fleece Legging (Black), Pebble Convertible Crossbody (Burgundy/Grey), Belgrave Leather Zip Bootie (Black)

Conduit Tilt Water-Resistant Backpack (Charcoal), BK Lightning Zip Hoodie, Mavi Jeans James (Dark Sporty) (coming soon!)

On Him: Drill Press Sweater (Cadbury) (coming soon!), Lawrence Stewart Flannel L/S (coming soon!), Mavi Jeans Zach (Moog Brown White Edge) (coming soon!)

On Her: Vandal Buttondown (Black Multi) (coming soon!), Maggie Knit Skirt (coming soon!), BKI Bucket Bag (Black) (coming soon!)

Mavi Jeans Kaira Jacket (Dark Ingigo), Peppermint Striped Sweater (Methyl Blue), Terra Buttondown (Black/White)

Buchanan Textured Hoodie (Rio Red), Beach Jogger Pant 


On Her: Marcel Sweater (Moonbean)

On Him: Drill Press Invaders (Afghan Fox)


On Him: Great Northern Parka (Black), Mavi Jeans Jake (Coated Italy)

On Her: Fjord Fitted Down Coat (Olive), Nightwood Tunic, Vandal Buttondown (Black) (coming soon!),  Brushed Fleece Legging (Black)Belgrave Leather Zip Bootie (Black)


Atmosphere Lighter L/S

Hoyun Sheer Top (Floral Diamond), Enigma Zip Skirt (Red), Pebble Envelope (Jade)


On Her: Samantha Fuzzy Top (coming soon!), Georgia Pleated Skirt (coming soon!), Pebble Convertible Crossbody (Black)

On Him: Harrington Varsity Cardigan (Bracken) (coming soon!), Lawrence Fleck Flannel L/S (coming soon!), Mavi Jeans Zach (Moog Brown White Edge) (coming soon!), Marauder Water-Resistant Backpack (Army), Eco-Birdseye Sock (Black)


Frost Sheer Buttondown (Teal/Black) (coming soon!)

contact: Teddy Vuong
20 Jay Street, Suite 1100, Brooklyn NY 11201