Finding Inspiration In The Most Unlikely of Places.

Recently, our friend David, an electrician who helped us open our first store in Williamsburg in 2001, was looking to buy a house, but when he couldn’t find an ideal and affordable home, he did what very few did - he built his own house out of shipping containers. We were inspired by his out-of-the-box approach of upcycling overlooked industrial elements to solve his problem – an approach that also yielded amazingly beautiful designs. The idea of turning a uniform industrial design, a product that crosses the paths of many people internationally, into something uniquely personal, inspired our designers to create similarly comfortable and utilitarian pieces for our Spring 2015 Collection. They also drew inspiration from industrial workwear and uniforms, railroad and vintage boxcar motifs, along with graphic references from the tools of the trade. 

In this unique collection, you’ll find lots of metal hardware, plackets and details amidst chambray, denim, twill, tough/rugged fabrics and washes that give it a well-worn and worked-in look. Combined with playful, custom thematic prints and graphics, this collection was designed to have overall workwear styling that is true to our heritage. 

Soleil Cotton Sweater (Celestial) Switchman Zip Sweater (Topaz), Lawrence Lilotes Floral Buttondown


Vandal Printed Buttondown (White Multi), Shale Pencil Zip Skirt (Bleached), Alexandria Vegan Leather Crossbody (Brick)


Switchman Zip Sweater (Caviar), Dustin Striped Buttondown L/S, Mavi Jeans Jake (Rinse Kensington)


Eternity Printed Shirtdress (Red/Green), Alexandria Vegan Leather Tote (Brick)


Martin Sweatshirt Bomber (Black), Tools of the Trade Graphic Tee (coming soon!)


On Him: Heart BK Graphic Tee

On Her: Heart BK Graphic Tee


No Drama Llama Sweater (Topaz), Pool Chambray Top (Blue), Mavi Jeans Serena (Dark Shanti), Pebble Vegan Leather Tote & Crossbody Bag (Navy/Yellow) (coming soon!)


Wyatt Waxed-Canvas Moto Jacket (Chipmunk), Switchman Zip Sweater (Caviar), Dustin Striped Buttondown L/S


Rose Reversible Sweater (Starlight), Mavi Jeans Darcy Dark, Kellen Leather Ankle Boot (Black)


Lawrence Sherman Plaid Buttondown L/S, Freedom View Graphic Tee


Woodland Spring Parka (Black), Eternity Printed Shirtdress (Red/Green), Alexandria Vegan Leather Tote (Brick)


Dustin Squared Buttondown L/S


Islands Geo Sweater (Sea Green), Signal Printed Top (Sea Green), Roundabout Vegan Leather Crossbody (Yellow) (coming soon!), Mavi Jeans Serena (Dark Shanti)


Dustin Striped Buttondown L/S


Valencia Buttonback Sweater (Majolica), Violet Dress (Lemon), Bodrum Vegan Leather Crossbody (Black) (coming soon!)


Frieze Water-Resistant Convertible Backpack (Charcoal), Switchman Zip Sweater (Caviar), Dustin Striped Buttondown L/S


On Him: Sergeant Military Twill Jacket (Tan), Bridge Cotton Sweater (Pomegranate), Dustin Squared Buttondown L/S 

On Her: Francesca Tailored Dress (Grey Multi)


Madison Canvas Coat (Tigerlily), Signal Printed Top (Black/White), Audrey Printed Skirt (Light Blue/Navy), Pebble Vegan Leather Tote & Crossbody (Black/Grey)


Donegan Water-Resistant Jacket (Chive), Bike Stripes Sweater (Pomergranate), Zeitgeist Water-Resistant Messenger (Black) (coming soon!)


Francesca Tailored Dress (Grey Multi), Pebble Vegan Leather Tote & Crossbody (Taupe/Purple)