When the René Magritte exhibit, ‘The Mystery of the Ordinary,’ opened at the MoMA last fall, our design team spent a day there and came back inspired enough by Surrealism to want to create this collection. One of the things that struck our designers the most was the use of ordinary objects as a subject by the artist, and how they became re-interpreted through the Surrealist lens, be it a spoon covered in fur, or presenting an object with another word above it. By taking away the purpose and connection that people easily assume objects or places have, a whole new world of possibility opens up.

Armed with the idea of seeing and perceiving the world in a different way, we reached out to one of our favorite photographers, Chris Schoonover. We were drawn to Chris’ mastery of de-contextualizing everyday objects, spaces and architecture into abstract, geometric forms, as well as his ability to choreograph subjects into similarly odd poses. For the location of our photoshoot, we chose Bushwick, an area not seen as conventionally beautiful, but in our eyes, is overflowing with moments of often overlooked visual treasures and possibilities.

In our mid-fall collection, you’ll find these same ideas – objects such as combs and picks on a custom printed shirt, oversized fuzzy eyes on a sweater, and optical patterns on sweaters, skirts and dresses create a surreal tone. As always, this season’s new arrivals also come with tons of extra BKI details, such as pop color locker loops, thumb hole sleeves, fun interior-printed linings and unique tailoring. These combinations of fashion and function are prominent in this season’s outerwear, which we’re particularly excited about this season. 

On Him: Lawrence Lucas Plaid L/S (Bright Blue), Vanguard Cord Pants (Burnt Henna), Grand Snap Army Messenger (Khaki), Hunt Leather Shoes (Brown)

On Her: Frontier Stripe Dress, Pebble Vegan Leather Tote & Crossbody (Black/Pewter), Belgrave Leather Bootie (Black)


Geneva Dress Coat (Orange), Terra Buttondown (Navy), Skip Tweed Skirt (Navy), Ensache Leather Tote (Blue), Belgrave Leather Bootie (Black)


Casper Toggle Jacket (Brown), Lawrence Lucas Flannel L/S (Bright Blue), Vanguard Cord Pant (Burnt Henna), Grand Army Messenger (Khaki)


Art Rebel Pullover (Grey), Vandal Buttondown L/S (Soft White), Mavi Jeans Serena (Dark Shanti)


Nunaka Down Jacket (Pewter), Trail Henley (Dark Denim), Brushed Fade Pant (Brown), Attache Slim (Black)


Equals Sweater Tunic (Port Royal)


Waffle Knit Beanie (Smoked Pearl), Maxwell Lambswool Cardigan, Charms Graphic Tee, Mavi Jeans James (Black Comfort Skinny)


Terra Buttondown (Navy), Skip Tweed Skirt (Navy), Belgrave Leather Bootie (Black)


 Vandal Buttondown L/S (Soft White), Mavi Jeans Serena (Dark Shanti), Belgrave Leather Bootie (Black)


Waffle Knit Beanie (Dark Denim), Tom Cardigan (Navy), Dustin Dash L/S (Red), Mavi Jeans Jake (Black Brushed Italy)


Pacific Coat (Navy), Equal Sweater Tunic (Port Royal), Mavi Jeans Adriana (Dark Grey Jegging), Belgrave Leather Bootie (Black)


Briar Canvas Jacket (Black), Double V Long Sleeve (Grey), Jet Ponte SkirtBelgrave Leather Bootie (Black)


Hypnosis Sweater (Jade)


Atlantis Jacket (Charcoal), Blueprint Sweater (Safron), Wool Fade Pant (Brown) (coming soon!)


On Him: Hunt Leather Sneaker (Brown)

On Her: Belgrave Leather Bootie (Black)


Fjord Fitted Down Coat (Metal), Pomflower Graphic Tee


On Him: Blueprint Sweater (Safron), Wool Fade Pant (Brown) (coming soon!)

On Her: Camille Sweater Dress (Black Iris) (coming soon!)


Hank Marl V-Neck Sweater (Orange) (coming soon!), Junction Wool L/S (Charcoal) (coming soon!), Mavi Jeans Daniel (Rinse Comfort)


On Him: Atlantis Jacket (Charcoal), Wool Fade Pant (Brown) (coming soon!), Blueprint Sweater (Safron)

On Him: Great Northern Parka (Olive), Lawrence Keane Flannel L/S, Mavi Jeans Jake (Black Brushed Italy), 

On Her: Division Boucle Coat, Soft on the Eyes Sweater (coming soon!), Joanna Skirt (Black/White Dot) (coming soon!), Everyday Tights (Black)

On Her: Camille Sweater Dress (Black Iris), Aurora Slim Down Puffer (Tan)

Artic Dress (coming soon!), Vandal Buttondown (Multi) (coming soon!)


Vandal Buttondown (Combs Print) (coming soon!)


Soft on the Eyes Sweater (coming soon!)


Nunaka Down Jacket (Fire Brick) (coming soon!) Kristian Raglan Sweater (coming soon!)


contact: Teddy Vuong
20 Jay Street, Suite 1100, Brooklyn NY 11201