The inspiration for this season's line channels the Art of Rebellion, juxtaposing militant iconography with creative interpretations of artists, designers, and rebels. You'll notice military-inspired detailing and ironic custom prints throughout the line (grenades and daisies, shattered glass, foxes and daggers). 

We took this concept one step closer to our brand and you by channeling the rebellion taking place in peoples' lives today, a rebellion that is completely overhauling how we've interacted with the world in the past, and changing the way we think about how we maneuver through it in the future. From designers working from home and setting their own hours and workplace rules, to developers dropping out of school to create the next social change app, to demonstrators with a molotov in one hand and phone with 140 characters typed out in the other, we're proud to be a part of this great community of rule breakers and revolutionaries.

One of the things we're most excited about within this shift is the potential for new technology to disrupt conventional behavior patterns, and to also inspire and facilitate creativity. We've enjoyed seeing the world through the eyes of our fans and friends, empowered to share it beautifully through Instagram, and photo processing apps like VSCO. The Pixel Trade, the photographer of the Change of View campaign (read more about him here), originally introduced us to VSCO two years ago, and we've not only been thrilled with the quality of imagery it helps produce, but the community of photographers and artists it has created. This photo campaign was entirely processed by the Pixel Trade using different VSCO filters (you'll see the name of the filter used in the bottom right hand corner of each photo), and we're proud to announce that we've joined the VSCO community on their Grid. Find Brooklyn Industries at 

Zed Printed Dress (Aqua)


BK Type Heather SnapbackBuchanan Cotton Hoodie (Grey), Lawrence Lucas Plaid L/S Shirt (Black Iris) (coming soon!), Mavi Jeans Daniel (Rinse Comfort)


Coup Geometric Blazer (Navy), Lightweight Fringe Scarf (Grey), Frontlines Draped Tank, Captain Pant (Cinnamon) 


Atticus Canvas Parka (Charcoal), Lawrence Fallscatter L/S Shirt (coming soon!)


Atticus Canvas Parka (Charcoal), Lawrence Fallscatter L/S Shirt (coming soon!)


On Her: Sunnyside Leather Tote (Gold), Ally Printed Sheer Top (Orange), Waffle Knit Beanie (Smoke Pearl) (coming soon!)

On Him: Lawerence Fixed Plaid L/S Shirt (Limoges)


Dog Fight Graphic Tee


Nonono Intarsia Sweater


BK Applique Zip Up (Black) (coming soon!), Mavi Jeans Alexa (Dark Kensington)


Zed Printed Dress (Aqua), Watertower Vegan Leather Tote


Paddington Water-Resistant Jacket (Navy), Lawrence Guppy Plaid L/S Shirt (Green/Blue) (coming soon!), BK Utility Graphic Tee, Oliver Twisted Pant (Brown)


Wanderlust High-Low Sweater (Black), Juliet Pinafore Skirt (Black)


Ridge Ring, Objector Shirtdress (coming soon!)


Solomon Stripe Sweater (Black/Moss) (coming soon!), Lawrence Fixed Plaid L/S Shirt (Maroon) (coming soon!), Brushed Fade Pant (Brown) (coming soon!)


Vertex Crossbody (Rust) (coming soon!), Ridge Ring, Objector Shirtdress (coming soon!)


Lawrence Fixed Plaid L/S Shirt (Maroon) (coming soon!), Zip Messenger (Khaki) (coming soon!), Mavi Jeans Zach (Dark Kensington)


Rooftop Jumpers Graphic Tee, Armada Skirt (coming soon)


Kent Corduroy Parka (coming soon!), Lawrence Marcus Plaid L/S Shirt (Brown/Red) (coming soon!), Mavi Jeans Jake (Rinse Kensington)


Lawrence Oxford L/S Shirt (Green) (coming soon!)

Tasha Felt Hat (coming soon!), Shortwave Henley (Black Iris) (coming soon!), Relativity Skirt (coming soon!), Halcyon Oversized Cardigan (Limoges) (coming soon!)


Atticus Canvas Parka (Charcoal), Oliver Twisted Pant (Olive)


Waffle Knit Beanie (Black) (coming soon!), Perfume Grenade Graphic Tee, Armada Skirt (Black) (coming soon!)


Lawrence Marcus Plaid L/S Shirt (Brown/Red) (coming soon!)


Wayfarer Wrap Coat (coming soon!), Vertex Handbag (Black/White)


On Her: Moto Jacket (Tan) (coming soon!), Vertex Bucket Bag (Navy/Teal) (coming soon!), Mavi Jeans Serena (Dark Shanti)

On Him: Triple Birdseye Drill Press (Navy/Thyme) (coming soon!), Zip Messenger (Khaki) (coming soon!), Mavi Jeans Zach (Dark Kensington)


contact: Teddy Vuong
20 Jay Street, Suite 1100, Brooklyn NY 11201